Language immersion
and orientation

What is Eilo ?

EILO! is a 4 month intensive course that will enable you to :

  • Practice French in a different way : in the classroom, with volunteer activities, work placements and sports and cultural activities.
  • Discover different professions.
  • Get to know yourself better.
  • Build your professional project.
  • Develop your network.


EILO! is completely free !

Are you between 18 and 29 years old and were you born outside the European Union?

Join our orientation and training space!


free  intensive training course

French courses

Practice French in a variety of contexts (courses, volunteer work, internships, cultural activities)


  • Practicing French
  • Make yourself useful
  • Integrate and build a social network

Work experience in a company

  • Discover a job
  • Put your skills into practice
  • Gain new experience
  • Build your network

Career and study guidance

  • Build your career plan
  • Find out what you could do next
  • Get to know yourself better and make the most of your skills

Cultural and sports activities

  • Discover what interests you and what you can do
  • Understand Brussels and Belgium

4 months of training

From Monday to Friday

Who is it for ?

For all young people between 18 and 30 years old who were born outside the European Union and who have a basic level of French (A2).

Practical information

When ?

Registrations are still open for our current session.

4 months of training.

Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 5 pm.


Philippe Lebon Street, 15

1000 Brussels

How ?

Subscribe to our list.

We will discuss your project together.

Are you interested?

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Do you still have questions?

Contact us by phone, mail or on Whatsapp !

  • 02 880 80 99
  • 0484 18 66 28

A project run by Proforal ASBL

in partnership with BAPA Via and Infor Jeunes Bruxelles ASBL

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